Be with someone who you feel like you’ve known forever. Be with someone who can come close to reading your mind, who knows you like the back of their hand, who knows every little thing about you. Be with someone who you feel like you’re known forever because you feel save and secure around them. When their arms are wrapped around you, you feel like nothing bad could ever happen. You feel like your happiness will last a lifetime.

The day has come, Andre and Elvira finally tying the knot! They held two days for their wedding, the first day they sealed their vows and become husband and wife. The next day they held the reception, two days full of joy from this humble and sweet couple. Elvira even give a little gift to her sister, the strong family bond can be felt, it’s heartwarming sight. I remember Andre and Elvira’s venue is truly beautiful. Specially when their holy matrimony, it’s all white and clean. And the next day they held their reception, the venue is also magical. The flowers are placed beautifully, the lighting is lit- the moment I step in Andre and Elvira’s reception, I completely forget that it actually at noon. Hahaha. it’s definitely making a trick in your mind!

Aside from that, I’m happy I can capture beautiful people in beautiful moments.




admin web, 19th April 2018