David and Felicia had the most beautiful wedding day. Sunshine in the morning, stars and fireworks in the evening. These two love hard. They married in Majapahit Hotel Surabaya with friends and family as their witness as they read their vows and finally became husband and wife.

Their wedding party is held in outdoor, decorating in rustic. Lifting it’s mood to warm and beautiful. Everyone look so free, walking here and there. Maybe it was what David and Felicia wants.. they want their guests comfortable and enjoy in their big day!

The father of the bride asking his daughter to have a dance with him. It’s such a sight. Because his little girl now belong to a man of her dreams. They dance quite awhile, absorbing in father-daughter relationship. Felicia is such a sweet heart, her eyes dancing in grateful and love to her father. And not long after that David came, can’t help but want to have a first dance with his wife.

They dance under the stars and couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. Smile always plastered on their face. They even kissed under the fireworks. How romantic is that?

So happy I got to be part of this incredible day with such incredible people.

With love,



admin web, 22nd March 2018