How simple do these two words seem yet how deep they are!

Specially when you said it to your parents. It actually a words we easily said to everyone. But at some point, hard to bring out that words to our parents. Why? Because we knew it means a lot to them. Because we love too much, too much that it hurts. Because in front of our parents we let ourselves to be vulnerable. But being vulnerable is good, right? Vulnerable is beautiful for those who understand the words THANK YOU, and formed it into love in action as a caring person.

Dion and Lana, two of the most genuine and life – loving humans are the example of those people. I was asked to capture their wedding, and… like no other wedding, their wedding just full of surprise and tears of joy. On holy matrimony Lana throw a little surprise for Dion. She invited Dion’s favorite singer in their holy matrimony. And at the party, which is very sentimental one for me personally. Dion and Lana throw the most touching surprise for their parents. They played a VIDEO letter, saying about how thankful they are to them. Of course their parents are crying hard. Dion and Lana too. And the audience, they got drown too. Can’t help but cry a river. Deep down everyone is the same. We are all the special child to our parents. How wonderful our parents are for keeping up and assist us as their child who growing up until we shape ourselves into the person we are today. Most importantly, for being our shield. Our protector. Parents, they pampered us too much whether we are sick or not. As we look now, we see parents who is battling everyday, every passing second. Specially our dad. For their family and children, the man who was away for days, weeks, even months at the times just to make sure that his children are blessed with everything.

Dion and Lana, both are very devoted child. The love for their family is strong. It shows when Lana have a dance with her dad, her eyes are misty with love. And I’m sure that her dad is a proud father for having a sweet daughter like Lana.

The feelings just indescribable. I’m sure Dion and Lana are thankful to their parents for giving them the most beautiful gift of all ; the gift of life.

Aside from that, the party is pure epic. Everyone even go down to the dance floor and do a flashmob hahaha.

I’m happy being part of this love story, even though I just capture moments.

But I do hope it will remain special in Dion and Lana’s heart until they grey and old.



admin web, 29th March 2018