What happen if you take a couple deeply in love and let them be themselves under the cherry blossoms trees? Absolute lovely.

Also, what happen if your childhood friend asked you to photograph their pre session? Explore unknown place. I have a childhood friend named Ditto, and his fiancé, Silvy. We actually had a plan to shoot their session in Surabaya. But long story short- change of plan! We flew to Japan since it’s cherry blossoms season. When we were in there, instead of taking photo where the tourist usually visit, we are exploring new place (well, it was me who suggest it). You see, there’s small city and inside that small city there’s  a very unique house. It’s kinda look like Final Fantasy Games. The house itself are build by an Japanese architect, what makes this house unique is.. the building are uneven and it’s not the typical house in Japan, it’s so rare but attractively unique.

Ditto and Silvy are quite adventurous, they both keep running here and there, and sometimes do a little PDA (Public Display of Affection) hahaha. Getting all sweet, Japan really do blossoming their love!


admin web, 17th May 2018