Be with someone who bring the best in you, someone who taught you how to living with your own money, someone who taught you to share some of your earning to homeless people, someone who taught you to always be kind and humble person in any situation through your life, someone who taught you how to be a loving person because love is the strongest weapon in this chaotic world we live in. And most of all, someone who always reminding you that God is the center in your life.

I met this humble and friendly man with his sweet fiancé, Martin and Stefanie. They asked me to do their prewedding session in a studio. Martin and Stefanie want their prewedding looks quirky yet classy. The photoshot went smooth since Martin is a model and Stefanie quiet comfortable in front of camera. I remember that the bunny taking a pee pee on the bed while we’re doing the session haha. Afterwards we just giving the bunny to someone to adopt it for a pet.

I had a lot of fun with these two (plus that bunny) haha.




admin web, 5th April 2018