Wait for relationship that is filled with goodness but that is completely imperfect, so that you understand and experience how much better love is when it’s real and human as opposed to perfect and flawless. And that one day you’re going to meet someone, and everything will make sense. This person, who loves you so completely and wonderfully, will be all that matters. Because they love the way you deserve, the way you wanted.

I met two the most genuine and life loving couple, Steven and Flo. It was perfect day, we drove a long way to Coban Rondo, Malang. I have this quite funny experience on the location that have this labyrinth park. We heard at the center of labyrinth, there’s beautiful fountain and that become our target. But funnily enough, along the way to the fountain we got lost. Even our team on the guard area already giving us the direction, we still lost haha. In the end, we just run here and there. God knows where that damn fountain is. Thank god, Steven and Flo such cooperative humans being. They’re were smiling and laughing the entire time. It seem getting lost didn’t bother this couple at all. I mean, who cares when you’re lost with your love ones, right? It’s like they’re being suck up into their own world. And it was amazing being able to admire over how in love these two.



admin web, 29th March 2018