Doing a prewedding session abroad sure is exciting! What’s more you’re going with your lover, new experience to walk on new things, in unfamiliar place and different culture. But sometimes, we forgot little things to bring which have a big impact while travelling abroad. Here’s now, we’re going to share some tips about what to bring when you’re doing prewedding session abroad!

  1. Specific Clothes

Bring clothes in the same season the destination you’re going in. For example, it’s winter, make sure bring a couple warm clothes or maybe a parasite jacket (well, parasite jacket is not for your photoshot. Because you will change into certain clothes based on moodboard later) you can wear it when you’re moving to other city or waiting in the set while your photographer checking the best spot to capture your moments. Why we suggest to bring a couple of clothes?  There’s people who can endure cold while the other can’t, because each person have different temperature. Bring a specific clothes can actually save you from getting sick while on abroad.

  1. Skin Care

It something every person giving a side glance but actually have an impact when they are already on the country they flew to. Something like lipbalm or moisturizer when it’s winter, so your skin can be protected from drying. Believe me, some people suffer because they forgot bring this. Or some sunblock if it’s summer

  1. Short/Corset

Right, this one! This one is quite crucial. Because when you do the session abroad and let say, you’re happen want to have a session in a desert, where do you think you can change your clothes for photoshot? Nowhere. Short and corset actually can be a big help, right?

  1. Modem

We live in a modern world which mean, you’re always stay close to social media. It is not a secret anymore that we will put some picture/video on our personal social media so everyone can updating ‘what’s going on’ on us at that moment. Buying a data in other country can be pricey. So it’s smart move to bring modem, also you can save your money for other things.

  1. Other bag

Aside from the main luggage, makes sure you bring mini luggage a.k.a duffel bag or wheeled duffel, because it easy to bring and move when you’re doing session

  1. Comfortable walking shoes

Getting on ootd is good, but remember, you’re doing a session here. Imagine if you’re happen to have photoshot in a lake and that lake located in the mountain, and you’re happen to hike quite miles to that place. Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, so your feet are save from blisters.

  1. Travel health

Here’s another thing that sometimes people giving a side glance when they’re doing session abroad. They forgot to bring some medicine and vitamin. Believe us, you’re have a tight schedule when doing session in there, whether it’s going to catch up sunrise or moving constantly to other city, which can be exhausted. You sure don’t want to get sick, right? Beside, buying medicines abroad can be pricey and we don’t really know if those medicines can adjust to our body. Bring our own medicine will be a smart move.

So there you have it. We hope this little tips help you lots when you’re doing session abroad or any other cities. Until the next tips, have a great day!


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admin web, 16th March 2018